Australian High Commission
Solomon Islands

Development cooperation

Development and aid

The Australian Government’s overseas aid program is funded by the Australian Government and managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The fundamental purpose of Australian aid is to help people overcome poverty. This also serves Australia\'s national interests by promoting stability and prosperity both in our region and beyond. Australian aid focuses on areas where Australia can make a difference and where Australian resources can be used most effectively and efficiently.

Australia and Solomon Islands work in partnership to achieve a prosperous, democratic and safe Solomon Islands. DFAT is working with Solomon Islands on activities that have real impacts on the lives of poor people.

The Australia–Solomon Islands bilateral partnership is changing lives by:
• improving health and education
• boosting economic growth through better infrastructure and improved economic management
• protecting the poor and vulnerable from shocks
• supporting democracy, justice and good governance.

For more information about development and aid in Solomon Islands, see the Solomon Islands page on the DFAT website.

The Direct Aid Program 

The Direct Aid Program (DAP) is a flexible, small grants scheme managed by the Australian High Commission. The emphasis of the program is on alleviating basic humanitarian hardships and improving living standards. To apply, download a copy of the application guidelines and project summary form or pick up a hard copy from the Australian High Commission in Honiara.