Australian High Commission
Solomon Islands

Ten new Australian Volunteers set to commence assignments

22 April 2016

                                                                 Ten new Australian Volunteers set to commence assignments

 The Australian High Commission has welcomed ten new Australian Volunteers to Solomon Islands who will use their skills and expertise to develop host organisations across the country.  

The volunteers, funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Volunteers for International Development program, will work in the areas of health, water resources, sports, finance, business, education and communications to improve the lives of Solomon Islanders.

Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne said that up to 45 Australian volunteers commence work in Solomon Islands each year across a range of Government and community organisations.

“The volunteers are part of Australia’s broader efforts to assist Solomon Islands and its people to tackle development challenges.”

“They will be sharing skills and knowledge with local counterparts and are sure to learn a lot from their hosts as well.”

“Through their participation in work, sports and the community, the volunteers will build links and friendship that will last beyond their assignment.”

The volunteers will undertake a range of assignments spanning three to 12 months in duration, from supporting literacy and numeracy programs in Malaita to mentoring midwives at the National Referral Hospital.