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SIWIBA Launches New Business Development Centre

14 April 2015

SIWIBA Launches New Business Development Centre

The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) launched their new Business Development Centre at the National Provident Fund Plaza today.

Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Andrew Byrne, congratulated SIWIBA and its members on the launch.

“Australia is proud to support SIWIBA and the establishment of this new Business Development Centre,” he said.

“It is an ideal venue for members to undertake business training, mentoring, coaching and a place to promote your products”.

SIWIBA was established ten years ago with the goal of promoting, developing and empowering women’s participation as business owners in the private sector.
Australia has supported SIWIBA for a number of years and recently extended its financial support to the organization – committing $3 million in assistance over the next three years.

SIWIBA has more than 400 registered members most of who are women who work in the informal sector - they earn money from their vegetables or the sale of small, home-made items.

The Business Development Centre will provide a dedicated venue for SIWIBA’s members to receive valuable training opportunities which will help them increase their incomes. Training opportunities at the Business Development Centre will allow women to learn new skills including running a business, learning agricultural techniques, managing small livestock or being a board member.

Image: Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne with SIWIBA Coordinator Nina Tuhaika and SIWIBA member Julie Haro