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Australia’s Direct Aid Program making a difference in Malaita

 14 June 2016

                                                 Australia’s Direct Aid Program making a difference in Malaita

Malaita has left a lasting impression on Australian officials after their recent visit to several community projects funded by Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP).

The group started their visit in Auki and travelled to Ngaligarara, Talakali, Mt Alasa, Obafau and Buma. They saw first-hand how simple initiatives like water tanks and school infrastructure are making a huge difference to livelihoods and economic growth in those communities.

Second Secretary Simon Downing said that he was overwhelmed by the determination and resilience of communities.

“I would like to thank all the communities we visited for their generous hospitality and for sharing their experiences with us,” said Mr Downing.

“We are delighted to be able to help people achieve their goals and improve living conditions for their communities.”

The delegation also met the Malaita Council of Women and encouraged women from all provinces to consider submitting an application to the Direct Aid Program.

“Women are the glue of society,” said Mr Downing. “Through the Direct Aid Program, we can help you to realise your potential and give back to the community.”

The Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program aims to improve livelihoods and create economic growth in some of Solomon Islands’ most remote and disadvantaged areas. Application forms can be collected from the Australian High Commission in Mud Alley or by email

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