Australian High Commission
Solomon Islands

Australian Indigenous Leader, Warren Mundine, arrives in Solomon Islands

12 November 2015

                                    Australian Indigenous Leader, Warren Mundine, arrives in Solomon Islands

Australian Indigenous leader, Warren Mundine arrived in Solomon Islands today as a special guest of the Australian High Commission.  

Mundine will be aiming to build linkages with local businesses, landowner communities and members of the national government, sharing the experiences of Australia’s Indigenous communities.  

Mr Mundine is one of Australia’s most prominent Indigenous leaders. He is currently Chair of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation and the Australian Government's Indigenous Advisory Council.  He was the first Indigenous Australian to serve as President of an Australian political party.

He will be the keynote speaker the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards this Saturday, 14 November and will share his experience as Managing Director of Nyungga Black Group, a company that assists traditional landowners to promote economic, environmental and cultural development.

“I’m thrilled to be here in Solomon Islands as I’ve heard so much about the country’s incredible people, culture and customs.

“And I can’t wait to meet the business leaders, exporters and entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and opportunity across the country every day,” Mr Mundine said.

“Governments don’t deliver economic development; commerce, private capital and innovation do that. But governments lay down the conditions for economic development to thrive or be stifled.”

Mr Mundine said there were many parallels between the traditional cultures of Solomon Islands and Australia.

“I look forward to exploring the common economic challenges and opportunities between Indigenous Australian and Solomon Islanders over the coming days.”

As well as speaking at the Business Excellence Awards, Mr Mundine will meet with Prime Minister Sogavare, host an event for future leaders of Solomon Islands and meet with customary landowners in East and West Guadalcanal.

He will also host a panel discussion on the morning of Saturday 14 November on public-private partnerships, jointly hosted by SICCI and the Australian High Commission.