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Solomon Islands

Emma Nugent – Information Analyst at NSO

6 December 2016

                                                                     Emma Nugent – Information Analyst at NSO

After being offered a placement with the Solomon Islands National Statistics Office (NSO), Emma Nugent migrated north to the tropics of Honiara to work as a volunteer.

The NSO is responsible for producing official statistics on the country’s population, economy and environment. They produce regular publications and run cyclical surveys and the national Census.

Emma Nugent has been on assignment as Information Analyst with the NSO since 16 February 2016.  Emma studied communications and international relations and has previously worked as a demographer and social statistician.

“My focus has been on running training and developing resources for all NSO staff to build capacity in using Microsoft programs for statistical analysis, presentations and report writing. I’ve also tried to increase understanding of international statistical best practice, communications and improving awareness of the NSO’s work. Engaging with my colleagues in the office is one of my favourite aspects of the job.

“I had been looking to volunteer for a while and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s a two way learning process with my colleagues and I working together and learning from each other.

“Volunteering is so powerful, it promotes personal and professional growth, for both volunteers and those that work with them. It’s all about exchanging ideas, skills and developing relationships. Encountering completely different cultures, religions and outlooks on life, challenges the way we think and broadens our understanding of the world.

“Working with others to develop their professional skills improves their capability. Rising to challenges like effectively operating in a workplace where Pijin English is the main language gives you a sense of accomplishment,” Emma said.

The NSO values Emma’s contribution in supporting the NSO’s staff and work. 

Government Statistician Douglas Kimi said, “People have learnt new skills and best practice for a range of statistical activities, which means better information for the government and community. We hope more people like Emma will come and volunteer in Solomon Islands.”