Australian High Commission
Solomon Islands

Australia Celebrates International Volunteer Day

6 December 2016

                                                                        Australia Celebrates International Volunteer Day

The Australian High Commission joins all Australian Volunteers based in Solomon Islands and their local counterparts to celebrate International Volunteer Day.

Each year 45 new Australian volunteers come to work in Solomon Islands under the Australian Government funded program Australian Volunteers for International Development. The volunteers use their skills and expertise to help build their host organisation in Solomon Islands and to improve the lives of Solomon Islanders.

They contribute to the development of Solomon Islands in a variety of fields from medical to legal, the media, education, environment, disability, sports, finance and many other areas.

Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Andrew Byrne acknowledged the contribution of Australian Volunteers in Solomon Islands.

“Our volunteers in Solomon Islands are spread across the country; from places like Seghe and Munda, to the provincial capitals of Auki and Gizo and, of course here in Honiara.

They make a great contribution to local organisations through sharing their knowledge and skills. I know the volunteers learn as much from their host organisations as the training and skills they share with local counterparts.  And through their participation in work, sport and community, the volunteers also promote people-to-people links and friendship between our two countries.”

The High Commissioner also paid tribute to the volunteer’s host organisations.

“For every volunteer, there is a ministry, NGO, sporting group or charitable organisation that supports and nurtures our volunteers. These wonderful organisations enrich our volunteers’ experience in Solomon Islands and their contribution on International Volunteer Day also needs to be acknowledged.”

In celebrating International Volunteer Day the Australian High Commission is sharing the profiles of some volunteers currently on assignment in the country. 

All featured volunteers are funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Volunteers for International Development program, managed in Solomon Islands by AVI.