Australian High Commission
Solomon Islands

Australia Maintains Strong Support to Solomon Islands

4 May 2016

                                                          Australia Maintains Strong Support to Solomon Islands

Australia’s Federal Budget, released on 3 May 2016, confirmed Australia’s strong support for Solomon Islands.

Australia’s bilateral aid program with Solomon Islands will remain at AUD92.7 million. This is Australia’s third largest bilateral program, behind only Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. When the costs of RAMSI are included, Australia’s total assistance to Solomon Islands is AUD162 million.

Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne said the announcement reaffirms Australia’s commitment to stability and development in Solomon Islands.

"The fact that Solomon Islands remains the third largest recipient of Australian aid – despite its small size compared to the other leading recipients – underlines Australia’s exceptional and enduring commitment to stability, growth and human development in Solomon Islands," the High Commissioner said.

Australia will provide an estimated AUD3.8 billion in overseas development assistance (ODA), with over 90 per cent of ODA allocated to Australia’s neighbours delivered in the Indo-Pacific region.

The 2016-17 Federal Budget also highlights Australia’s ongoing commitment to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. This includes providing an extra AUD16 million to Fiji to assist with ongoing recovery efforts following Cyclone Winston.

Australia’s commitment to Pacific priorities and the delivery of regional programs to complement bilateral programs remains. Australia will invest AUD200 million this year to address climate change globally, and continue the ten year AUD320 million Pacific Women Shaping Pacific Development program to improve political, economic and social opportunities for women throughout the Pacific.